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Around The World Preparation

Most of the things I am taking on my RTW trip. The back pack and lumbar pack (which converts to a day/back pack) is in the background. Basically, I am taking the following: 4 pairs of long athletic socks; 4 pairs of short athletic socks; 4 t shirts; 2 long sleeve shirts; 2 tank tops; 1 bathing suit; 6 boxers; 2 pairs of shorts; 2 pairs of pants (convertible); hoodie and vest down jacket (both will be in a compression bag); 1 pair Nikes; 1 Keen sandals; 3 Doo Rags and 1 beanie for my bald head; sunglasses; LED light; Samsung 7″ Galaxy Plus Tablet; Apple IPod Touch; Canon Powershot SD 1400 IS camera; money belt; small first aid kit/medication; vitamins; and, toiletries.