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So, less than 8 days before I go on the 1st leg of my round the world (RTW) trip and I am cool, calm, and collected.  Not!  I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I woke up last night and seemingly had this feeling of dread.  Why?  Not because of the trip itself.  No biggie there . . . Rather, I keep thinking I am going to forget something that I have to take care of before I go on my journey.  Hmm. When I am thinking rationally – sometimes I don’t – I believe I have all the boxes checked and accounted for.

1.  All bills will be auto paid online.

2.  Checked with my neighbor Daryl to care for my plants.  Ditto for mail.

3.  Attorney contacted in case someone sues me.

4.  Instructed my tax accountant to request a tax extension from the IRS.

5.  Suspend Direct TV service for duration of trip.  Ditto for phone.

6.  Provide blog/email address info to my mom, attorney, and friends, in case I am kidnapped by Thai or Nepalese rebels and they decide to communicate for my ransom.

7.  Write sticky note and post it near coffee pot, with explicit instructions to “Turn Off.”

8.  Set thermostat to 60 degrees F to ward off frozen pipes.

9.  Pack 3-4 days before trip, then unpack and repack to ensure I have everything I am taking in my back pack.

10.  ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I know I have forgotten something . . .

Have I forgotten something?

I know there is a number 10.  I have 8 days to figure out what it is . . .