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Huka Falls

. . . To see everything I want to see in New Zealand. That became clear today. I didn’t go to Tongariro National Park, a designated World Heritage Site. I had every intention of doing at least a “Chevy Chase Grand Canyon lookie see nodding head visit ala’ National Lampoon’s Vacation.” However, there wasn’t even enough time for that. At least not if I wanted to catch my ferry in Wellington on Saturday. Sigh. It bugs me that I probably missed one of the most amazing parks in the world.

To console myself, I went to Huka Falls and did a short hike there; and, I also visited the New Zealand Army Museum, which was in some small town on the way to Palmerston North. I also treated myself to a very nice hotel room, with a large jacuzzi tub, across from my bed.  Here are some pictures I took during the day:


Mt. Ruapehu


Main battle tank for New Zealand, late 1950s to early 1960s


Troop carrier with 30 & 50 caliber machine guns


Great lake Taupo and unidentified island


Old guy on a mountain bike at lake Taupo. Dude looked as old as dirt, but had just finished a 25 mile ride. My hero 🙂

Nice aftet

Nice after a long day


I’m going to hit the sack hard after the jacuzzi