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I had every intention of watching the Super Bowl today, but first I wanted to start my day with R&R at a place in New Zealand they call, “The Spa At Hanmer Springs.” So the plan for the day was a one hour massage; followed by soaking in the multiple hot spring pools they have at this facility, and about an hour or more in the dry heat sauna and steam rooms also available here. For two plus weeks, I had been playing the role of “Energizer Bunny” and although my body wasn’t telling me I was exhausted, I suspected that I was. Consequently, showing up in the town of Hamner Springs was perfect timing. Unbeknownst to me this morning, it was also going to rain all day, i.e., another reason to relax at a spa, then watch the Super Bowl.

The spa was wonderful! The masseuse, Jeanette, has magic fingers and I felt wonderful afterwards. I then proceeded to the aquatherapy pool, which had unbelievably powerful jets and if I hadn’t held onto the shoulder height bars, I probably would have been blown out of the water to an adjacent pool. Ha. This pool was followed by other pools, each increasing in temperature, sans the powerful water jets. At one of the pools, I met a group of Americans (sorry, the only names I remember are Helen, Martha, and Art) that were on a tour of New Zealand together. We all chatted about how beautiful New Zealand was and what places we had visited to date. All of them were going to watch the Super Bowl at a local brew pub. They invited me to join them and I said I would, but probably not until half time, as I wanted to really enjoy my time at this spa for a bit longer.

I guess I should mention that I am a 49er fan, having been born in San Francsico and raised in Sunnyvale. My point being that I am a big, big 49er fan and was hoping for them to beat the Baltimore Ravens. Easily.

The game was supposed to start at 12pm, which by the by, is Monday (and not Sunday) if you are in Hanmer Springs, New Zealand. I know, I know – figuring out multiple time zones and at least a 21 hour spread between here and California (22 I think in Colorado) has been a head scratcher for me too. ๐Ÿ™‚

At around 2pm, I arrived at the brew pub and I immediately caught the score on one of the big screen televisions. Say what? The 49ers were getting spanked at the half and it would get even worse . . . The Ravens scored a kick off touchdown return on the first play of the 3rd quarter. Damn! This was bizarro world. The 49ers were heavily favored to win. Then the lights went out . . .

For almost 35 minutes, the lights were out at the stadium the game was being played in and this allowed the Niners to regroup in my opinion. ย They came back after the blackout to score 3 times in about 4 minutes. However, the die had been cast in the first half, as the 49ers had squandered too many opportunities offensively and allowed the Ravens to score on their defense too many times. Even with this being the case, the 49ers came within one score of beating the Ravens. It will be a long off season as the Niners contemplate what could have been. The final score was 34-31, Ravens Super Bowl Champions. That in the final anaylysis, is all that needs to be said. Sigh.