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Metal sculpture near the Queensland Museum. Brisbane skyline of in the background.

Metal sculpture near the Queensland Museum. Brisbane skyline in the background.

I didn’t bring a wrist watch with me on my RTW trip because I believe that most jewelry, including watches are big “tells” insofar as potential thieves identifying you as someone who might have money and therefore, you’re susceptible to being ripped off. Consequently, I leave most of that stuff at home. So, I woke up at 5:00am this morning, albeit, I didn’t know what time it was. I fired up my tablet and took a look at my task tray, where the time and date are located. Β It was 5:15am and I couldn’t help noticing the date, February 17. This also is my birthday.

Unity Church near Roma Park.

Unity Church near Roma Park.

I knew it was coming up, but when you are traveling, especially to multiple countries and time zones – I just added an hour as a result of my train trip from Sydney to Brisbane the day before yesterday – you lose track of time. I am not big on celebrating birthdays. Especially mine. In fact, I think I stopped recognizing them after my divorce in 2000. Anyone who knows me, understands this about me. I guess I am vain and I didn’t get the memo about me being the exception to this universal physical law. Gravity, oxidation and to add insult to injury – my birthday came approximately 24 hours earlier than it normally would, due to being in Australia. So, “time travel and/or the space time continuum” is on my shit list too. πŸ™‚

These street artists were quite cool!

These street artists were quite cool!

Truthfully, when I am feeling down or need to be uplifted spiritually, then going to an AA meeting is my remedy. I went online and found a couple of meetings that were located close to my hostel and selected one that began early enough where it didn’t break up too much of my day. I had breakfast, then started walking to a 9:30am meeting about a mile away. My intuition paid off, as the meeting was really good and I felt much better afterwards.

Yesterday, I explored some of the downtown area of Brisbane, but rain put a damper on that for much of the day. As a result, I wanted to go back and see some of what I had missed. I ended up visiting the Queensland Museum; State Library; the Treasury building – which had been converted to a casino; and, a street mall which was blocked off to traffic and is only for pedestrians. This last destination is similar to the Denver 16th Street Mall, sans the tram car and done much, much better in my opinion. Regarding the casino, they wouldn’t let me in without taking my day pack (a big no no with me because I had my camera and tablet inside), so I passed on gambling. I immensely enjoyed the Queensland Museum, even though it was Sunday and it seemed as if every family in Brisbane was there. Ha.

I am having difficulty uploading photos this evening, so I will have to end my post with the few I’ve already managed to upload. A bit frustrating, but occasionally these are the realities of WIFI in a foreign country. Oh, one last message to my family and friends – I truly am fine about my “birthday” as a non event, so please don’t worry about me. I love you all! All smiles here . . . πŸ™‚